“Shabahang “The Iranian Society of America“ is celebrating its 30th anniversary and invites talented and passionate Iranians to join us as new board members. Our sincere thanks to our devoted members who are stepping down this year to make room for a new task force, gearing towards on line educational and cultural events.
We are delighted to announce several vacancies in Shabahang board for the academic year 2020- 2021. Duration of service as board Member is three years. We are inviting you to participate, share your ideas, expertise & enthusiasm to make the organization a continuous success. Shabahang holds monthly educational and entertaining meetings & several cultural events such as Mehregan, Yalda, Chahar Shanbe Suri, Nowruz & Sizdeh Bedar throughout the year.
All candidates must be Shabahang members, and fluent in Farsi & English.
To give you an idea, here are few of our positions at Shabahang’s Board of Trustee.
1. Secretary: Include all the required skills such as extensive knowledge of computers, social media, networking, timely response for posting announcements,  scheduling board meetings, writing minutes, frequent reports to the board members, etc.- Secretary reports to the president
2. Treasurer:  Daily accounting and handling Shabahang’s financials, writing checks, booking events, preparation of monthly financial reports and annual tax report, and more.- Treasurer: reports to the president
3.  Social Media Coordinator/Support: Assisting the president and secretary with various tasks and posting newsletter and announcements on Shabahang’s website, constant contact, telegram, etc.
4. Audio-Visual Support: Assisting with zoom sessions, recording and storing Shabahang’s monthly sessions, as well as assistance in organizing and digitizing Shabahang’s existing archive.
5. Poetry Coordinator: Moderating the poetry session at the beginning of our monthly events and various channels, coordinating volunteers to recite poetry at various events.
6. Speaker Committee Coordinator: Conducting research, finding suitable candidates, and inviting them to speak for Shabahang’s monthly events, and being in direct communication with speakers
7. Music/Entertainment Coordinator: Inviting or scheduling entertainments such as music, film or more for our monthly events and various cultural events.
We cordially ask all interested parties reach out to us by writing a short resume about themselves, their interests, skills/area of expertise, and how they can have an impact by being part of Shabahang’s Board of Trustee.
The deadline for New Candidates is by Aug 12, 2020. Please send your qualification letter to Contact@Shabahang.Org. We look forward hearing from you and receiving your applications shortly.
Shabahang’s Board of Trustees