Greetings from Shabahang!

در دلم بود که بی دوست نباشم هرگز

چه توان کرد که سعی من و دل باطل بود

With grief-stricken hearts Shabahang announces the passing of Ostad Dr. Ahmad Mahdavi Damghani

انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان امریکا (شباهنگ) درگذشت استاد دکتر احمد مهدوی دامغانی، محقق نامدار و عضو افتخاری شباهنگ را به فرهنگ دوستان و خانوادهٔ ایشان و به‌ویژه به خانم دکتر فریده مهدوی دامغانی تسلیت می‌گوید

از طرف انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان امریکا
حبیب نیّراحمدی- رییس هییت امنای شباهنگ

Congratulations to the winners of Shabahang’s 10th Annual Scholarship!

  1. Mr. Mohammad Hooshmand Khaneghahi, Ph.D. candidate, Civil Engineering, Drexel University
  2. Mr. Aria Ghahramani, MD candidate, Penn State University
  3. Ms. Maryam Daniali, Ph.D. candidate, Computer sciences, Drexel university
  4. Ms. Afrooz  Mosallaeipour, Ph.D. candidate, Journalism & Media Studies, Rutgers University

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A letter from the Shabahng Board of Trustees’ President

Greetings friends,
I would like to share with you a letter that I received from a wonderful friend and previous Shabahang’s board of trustees member. I found this letter as an opportunity for all of us to participate in a humanitarian effort to help those who have been forced to leave their homelands due to unfortunate political upheaval . I ask you to review this letter and if you can, please extend your helping hands to ease their pain and sufferings. Thank you.

Habib Nayerahmadi,
On behalf of the Shabahang Board of Trustees.

Dear Dr. Nayerahmadi,

I would like to share an opportunity for Shabahang to help some newly arrived Afghan families in Philadelphia. I’ve had the occasion to help a few Afghan families recently in Philadelphia and it occurred to me that this may be a wonderful opportunity for Shabahang to engage with its community to help these newly arrived families with some of the household items that they need as well as with friendship and support. As you can imagine, it is not an easy process for people who have been so unexpectedly torn from their homeland to start a new life in the U.S. A few of the Iranian families have already helped and I’m sure others will also be interested if they know about the needs and how to help. Some of the needed items are as follows (new is preferred but can also be gently used if in good shape):

1. An iPad for a student
2. A food processor for a family.
3. Living room furniture items for another family that has none. The family has asked for a light couch (not a big heavy one since their place is small), two midsize chairs and a medium to small size coffee table.
4. Curtains and rods for a family’s three windows. 40”x72”
5. A basic carpet for a room 9ft x 12ft
6. Sheer curtains (no rods needed) for four windows for a family. 40”x 84”
7. Walmart gift cards for a family with a 10-month old baby to supplement their government monthly food allocation which runs out before the end of the month.
8. The Afghan families also have family back home that badly need assistance so monetary help for them is also greatly appreciated.

Below is the link to a Google doc where everyone can see what has been donated and what is still needed. I can arrange to pick up any donated item if the person emails me at:

Shabahang’s Monthly Event on Friday June 3, 2022 at 8 pm (in Farsi) In-Person

 In person, live programming
 (This is a Free Event & Open to All)
این برنامه به زبان فارسی برگزار می شود
جمعه سوم ژوئن ۲۰۲۲ برابر با سیزدهم خرداد ۱۴۰۱
ساعت ٨ شب
مكان: سالن لارنس، كالج رزمانت
1400 Montgomery Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

سرود ملی و خوش آمد گویی به مدعوین توسط رییس انجمن

جشن اهدا جوايز برندگان بورسیه انجمن شباهنگ
به همراه موسیقی و پذیرایی
موسیقی: گروه هامون
تنظیم قطعات: فرشید آشتیانی
آواز: حورا شقاقی
نوازندگان ویولن: فرشید آشتیانی و حامد زمانی
سه‌تار: گل‌کو حسینی
دف و دایره: آزاده سرفلاح
تنبک: فواد بنی صادقیان


این برنامه به زبان فارسی برگزار می شود

This Event is Free & Open to All

Calling for Iranian High School Students in Tri-State area (PA, NJ, DE) to apply for Shabahang’s 10th Annual Scholarship

10th Annual Youth Scholarship Awards
Academic year 2021-2022
The Iranian Cultural Society of America- Shabahang is offering three merit Scholarship awards, each for $150 dollars to Iranian, Iranian- American high
School students in the Tri State area: Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware
Application deadline is May 13, 2022
We encourage all eligible applicants to apply for the scholarships before the
deadline by completing and submitting the application to
Click on the image to download the application form

Calling for Iranian University Students in Tri-State area (PA, NJ, DE) to apply for Shabahang’s 10th Annual Scholarship

10th Annual Scholarship Awards
Academic year 2021- 2022
The Iranian Cultural Society of America- Shabahang is offering Three merit Scholarship Awards, one for $1000 & three for $500 each to three full time
students: undergraduate, graduate or in professional degrees; Iranian, Iranian- American, or students with Iranian heritage in the Tri State area: Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware
Application deadline is May 13, 2022
We encourage all eligible applicants to apply for the scholarships before the
deadline by completing and submitting the application to Shabahang address
Click on the image to download the application form


Providing a helping hand with everyday activities that often become difficult for the elderly and disabled, to enable living safely and comfortably at home. You choose your care giver. A care giver can be a family member.

Steven S. Jamshidi, MBA, PC
Medallion Health Care LLC
1614 W. Porter Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145

Phone: (267) 688-3100

Fundraiser for the short film ‘She Does Not Smile’ – America, Iran, and Afghanistan meet through music in Philadelphia

Dear friends, Zardosht Afshari is a gifted filmmaker. Please consider supporting this fundraiser for his new short film “She Does Not Smile”. Feel free to share the link with family and friends. Your contributions will certainly move Zardosht closer towards reaching his goal of raising $15,000 for this project. Thank You!

March 15, 2022

انجمن فرهنگی ایرانیان فیلادلفیا برگزار می کند: جشن سیزده بدر

زمان: یکشنبه سوم آوریل ۲۰۲۲

Sunday, April 3, 2022
Ridley State Park
Picnic Areas: 11A & 11B

12:00 pm- 6:00 pm

Event Ticket: $10.00 per Car**
**Event tickets can be purchased via PayPal or you can pay upon arrival; tickets have to be printed out and displayed behind the front window
Shabahang Paypal:

Music by Yashar Aucie

Your food and refreshments can be brought to the park!

شباهنگ تقدیم میکند: جشن نوروز سال ۱۴۰۱

In-Person Event

Friday, March 18, 2022
7.00 pm to 12:00 AM
Springfield Country Club
400 West Sproul Road Springfield, Springfield, PA 19064

For more information and to purchase your tickets click on the image above to access the forms and the Waiver of Liability for Coronavirus

Shabahang’s Virtual 10th Annual Talent and Art and Crafts Show has been canceled.

انجمن شباهنگ محترمانه از حضور دوستان گرامی درخواست میکند که با پاسخ به فرم نظر سنجی در بهبود برنامه های ماهانه انجمن با ما همراه باشید . با سپاس فراوان

Please provide your feedback in regards to Shabahang’s monthly events and how we can make it better. Click on the picture to access the survey or click here:

We have a friendly gathering on the first Friday of every month to express love to our people and culture. We will be more than happy to see you in the meeting and you will definitely enjoy Persian poem, lectures, and Iranian music plus delicious Noon-Panir-Chaei.

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